Why Multi-Currency?

If you sell products internationally and you're only selling in US or Canadian Dollars, you're losing sales.
MCP removes currency barriers by making it simple and cost-effective to sell to global customers in their own familiar currency.

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Improve conversions

Displaying prices in local currency is essential in converting leads into sales.

Reduce Chargebacks

Reduce chargebacks by eliminating confusing credit card statements, exchange rates, and Fees.

Enhance your brand

Offering products in local currency enhances a company's image and appeal.

How It Works

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Advertise your product in buyer's local currency.

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Send a payment authorization to our gateway using buyer's credit card information.

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MCP dynamically looks up the currency and exchange rate, determines the fee.

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The customer is billed @ the advertised price.

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You receive funds in US or Canadian Dollars, minus currency exchange fees.

Why GlobalOnePay?

One Platform

Reduces costs associated with opening multiple merchant accounts and connecting to several acquirers and gateways.

Cost Effective

No complicated international bank setup is required. We do the work for you.

Quick Settlement

Settle in your native currency - quickly and seamlessly.

Supported Countries

MCP supports the following countries

Take Advantage Now

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